I have a friend who still carries an old school paper day timer. I like to tease her about it all the time, but my friend is also a long time personal client, a busy mom of 2 and a doctor juggling work at 2 different hospitals. If she writes it down, she gets it done. And the women is no slacker. Whatever is in the agenda happens, period. If it’s not booked in, well, it may or may not happen. The truth is she is not committed to it and it probably won’t.

There is a lesson to be learned here.

I recently listened to this little gem of a Podcast and I urge you to go have a listen. It is 12 minutes well spent. #1 & #2 really spoke to me as that comes up in my work more often than not a disconnect between our goals and our actions. Today I would like to focus on strategic time blocking. Or as I call it the magic of penciling it in. I see it all the time coaching clients who often have the best intentions but fail to put see their goals through.



These quotes are from the Podcast and Robin Sharma, I wish I came up with them myself. It truly is this simple. Actions bring change.

  • Show me your schedule and I’ll get a sense of your true value.
  • The things that we schedule are the things that we do.
  • Vague goals lead to vague results.

If something is important to you you need to put it in your schedule. For me I lay out my dates with friends and family, weekly meals, weekly workouts around my all work and other commitments every Sunday. All three are important to me to nourish my body and mind, time with loved ones, eating healthy and pursuing my athletic goals. I use my phone, family calendar and a lot of Post-It notes but in doing so I know I will get it done. It’s in the schedule. I don’t question the schedule and I put in my schedule what is important and meaningful to me and I know it will get done.

Some days are long, stressful and tiring, but I always know where my next nutritious meal is coming from. I also know that I always inevitably feel better and more energized after the gym; plus it’s in the schedule, it’s part of the plan and the routine that I like.

Create a routine and a schedule that reflect your goals and values. Get yourself a stack of Post-It notes, a day timer, menu planner or whatever will inspire you to put pen to paper and start strategically blocking time in your busy life for the things you want.

Remove excuses from your vocabulary, no action is too small. 10 minutes workout are better than no workout. 5 minutes of free time can be enough to meditate and have some “me” time. Maybe your meal planning for the week is with the help of a meal service. There are options out there to suit everyone’s needs and lifestyle.

Just start by penciling it in and taking it one day at a time. Success breeds success, actions breed results.

Go get it!

Annie 🙂