Today I’d like to share a recent client’s win. Because this is exactly why I do what I do.

There are so many ways to measure success, the scale being just one of them. Continuing on the conversation I started with my last blog entry, I thought this recap excerpt was too good not to share. Mariah and I have been working together since last July and her transformation both physically and emotionally has been nothing short of amazing.

“I’m also really proud of the choices I made yesterday. James and I went for a Day-date (workout, then a walk in the sunshine in fort Langley followed by a matinee), and I got to the movie theatre and was totally craving the poptopia popcorn (it’s an all time favourite)… and in the past I probably would have done one of two options 1. Had no flexibility, sulked and felt shitty about it that I couldn’t have any, and been frustrated, or 2. Had the largest serving they offered and then written off the entire rest of the day as a cheat day and gone to town… what I loved about yesterday was I chose to order a small, indulged and loved every minute of it eating it and going to the threatre with my man (which we never do!), and partaking in the activity of this actually brought me joy. I didn’t feel guilt over what I ate, I didn’t write off the rest of the day – I took out the brownie I was planning to have after dinner, altered my dinner slightly but didn’t skimp on dinner either because I knew I needed to fuel for my workout this morning. This is the flexibility and freedom that I’ve always been after – knowing that one off track isn’t derailing, and loving experiences with my favorite people and of course those experiences will involve food! I also had a moment while all of this was happening of thinking “should I have this off track treat, or should I stay focused on the goals I have for my wedding dress?” and then I stopped myself and thought… ‘I don’t want to be the bride who is so stressed about the wedding dress they forget to enjoy the months leading up to… and I don’t want to marry someone who would care about looks that much that it bothered them… and OF COURSE James could care less lol’ It’s all a journey, and I love that I’m still seeing this throughout recaps!”

Now if we are being honest here, a lot of us can recognize that inner dialogue. Labelling food as good or bad, feeling guilt over the choices we make, feeling like we need to be 100% clean or go completely off the rails are all thoughts that continue to foster disordered eating behaviours in our minds.

There are no cheat meals or cheat days. You are not being bad. However, there are choices and there is a balance to be found. I call this food freedom.

Understand that you are in charge and can make your own decisions as they make sense to you. Change your inner dialogue, take control of your nutrition and find out how you can also have food freedom!

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