Hi gang, Marley here I have put together a little list of some easy clean ways to hit your protein number, that I have found very helpful when starting out or even for those seasoned counters.

Here are some helpful tips and reminders on how to hit your protein number.

Most of us have a hard time hitting this number when we start counting macros. I know I did personally when starting, I had no problem hitting and usually going over my fat. But protein took some time, careful adjustments and planning to eat all that I was required to.

If you want to read more on protein (what it is and how it works) click the link below:

Here are a few tips to hit that number without eating 12 chicken breasts, and without going over your fat.

1) Egg whites
Are a super easy to swap for your regular eggs. I use egg whites (0C/0F7P) to pump up my protein in the morning without using a huge chunk of my fat numbers. For my breakfast it is one egg + 2 egg whites in a scramble, frittata or omelette.

Also most recipes that call for multiple eggs, I will half the number of eggs and substitute egg whites.

They can be found at any grocery store; Coscto, Nesters, Superstore, Sobey’s. Just make sure you do not grab one of their flavoured options.

2) Collagen protein powder
Easy way to drink 10g of protein! I usually buy the unflavoured and add in Nuun tablets to change up the flavour as I find most flavoured Collagen and BCAA too sweet for me. But that is just personal preference.

Adding collagen to your morning coffee is a way to make it bulletproof, add with some MCT oil/coconut oil.

Or grab your shaker bottle, scoop in Collagen, add one Nuun tab, fill with water. Let tablet dissolve and enjoy.

Collagen has been shown to improve skin, hair, nails, joints, ligaments and tendons.

3) Deli meat: Turkey/Chicken/Ham
Available at any grocery store in a variety of flavours, either from the deli counter or the refrigerated section. Opt for the lean meats; turkey, chicken, ham. Avoid any sweetened (honey glazed, maple infused) as it will have more carbs than the roasted version.

Be careful when purchasing and read the label, the non-natural brands usually have a lot of sodium!

Also the serving size….Always weight before you eat. The Costco/family packs have the same serving size as the small packs but their slices are bigger. So you will actually be over your macros. Shocking I know! I have fallen victim to it myself.

4) Protein powder: Whey/Isolate/Vegan
Everyone has their favourite flavour/brand, it really is what works best for you!
My stomach doesn’t handle Whey or any dairy base protein so I opt for a vegan one.

There are hundreds of options just depends on what you are willing to spend. Lots of companies will do a sample size pack for you to try it out before you commit to spending the big bucks.

5) Yogurt
I had to double check with Annie on what her favourites are, but it’s easy to walk into a grocery store and see the hundreds of options of yogurt and kefir to choose from. Here are some simple rules when picking the right one

Stay away from flavours/fruit mix/granola mix. It is added carbs, and if you are just looking for protein try to avoid these. It’s easy enough to add fresh or frozen fruit yourself to control the sugar/carb serving.

Do you want high/low fat. Depending which one you are there are a few options. If you are looking for a low fat option look for 0% milk fat, If you have lots of fat to fill go for the greek yogurt

Serving size! If you buy a family/large container make sure to measure it out, even the small containers sometimes are over/under. Always double check!

SKYR: 8C/0F/21P -175g serving

Skotidakis greek yogurt: 10C/0F/18P -175g serving

Oikos greek yogurt: 4C/3.5F/17P -175g serving

6) Jerky: Turkey/Beef/Pork
We have to be careful with jerky since it is a preserved meat there is a lot of sodium. But this also means it has a longer shelf life! It is great to keep in the car/purse/cupboard for those incase of emergencies.

I have a stash in my car, back up in my lunch bag and one in my gym bag. Better to be over prepared than underprepared!

7) BCAA:** This is just an incase of emergency trying to top off your numbers. It is not a complete source of protein.

There are lots and lots of BCAA options, flavoured or unflavoured, with beta or without, the list goes on.

Personally I choose unflavoured and add a Nuun tablet because I find most are too sweet.

Lots of companies do sample packs where you can try the flavour out without committing to buying the whole container. Another option is finding a friend each buy a flavour and splitting the containers so you get to try out 2 flavours for the price of one!

Depending on the brand and the serving size BCCAA will range from 5-10g of protein/serving. This is easy to drink while working out, running or a yoga class.

Shopping list:

Protein powder: 5start4mula

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Genuine Health:

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Nuun Tablets:

BCAA: 5start4mula

(try the razberry hydrate)