October 5, 2017

Through years of knowing Annie, I’ve been inspired and motivated by her commitment to sport and well-being. What I didn’t know, was the impact she would have on my life through nutrition coaching.

I joined Power Up Nutrition with feelings of frustration, anxiety, and fear around food. While I had always been an athlete, the relationship I held with my body and food was strained. I was hesitant to eat more, but I knew what I was doing on my own wasn’t getting me to my goals – both in physical performance and appearance. More importantly, I trusted that I could be vulnerable with Annie, and in return she would be patient, kind and honest.

Over the last six months of coaching with Annie and Power Up Nutrition, I’ve added 35lb to my back squat personal record, taken 3 minutes off my half marathon personal best, and zipped up my all-time favorite jeans with ease. I still find it hard to believe that my success has come by adding 400+ of the right calories to my daily intake!

Annie has been my coach, mentor and friend, through achieving each of these goals. She’s taught me the importance of fueling my body as an athlete, training smart and honoring recovery. Above all, Annie has guided me to love, respect and appreciate my body… a perspective I never thought to be possible and I will always be grateful!