When I met my husband 21 years ago, my life changed forever in many ways. I moved to Vancouver in 1994. A lot of what appealed to me about the West Coast was the active, healthy lifestyle. I had, in my own way, come here for a healthier lifestyle and Scott helped solidify this for me in many ways.

Whether it was swimming, playing hockey, skiing, rock climbing, Scott has always been passionately active, taken care of his body and very conscious of his health. These are values at the core of his being and he never really strayed too far from them.

Scott never questioned  my need to go out running for 3 hours on Sunday mornings while he watched Olivia or to find a Crossfit gym near our hotels to workout on holidays. And I didn’t think it was strange that our entire honeymoon was built around a climbing trip. To the south of France mind you, but still a climbing trip, no fancy all inclusive for these honeymooners.

We didn’t always share the same passions in our earlier years; him mainly climbing and I mainly running, but we always supported each other and I always admired his drive and commitment to his health and fitness.

When we found Crossfit in 2008 it became our thing in a way neither of us expected. Sharing this together is a blessing, I realize this. But I don’t think spouses need to do everything together in order to support one another. I do however think it is really hard when one spouse is more on board than the other with lifestyle changes and new health goals.

Tim Ferriss famously said “You are the average of the five people you most associate with” and I firmly believe this.

Of course, your social network expands beyond your spouse. So it pays to reflect and look around you. I was reminded of this last night at a dear friend’s wedding. Now I know that I love my friend and her new husband, so it was no surprise to me that the other people there to celebrate their union were all just as amazing. Scott and I  both commented on our way home that everyone there was active and healthy and totally our kind of people even though we met many of them for the first time that night. It’s also my kind of party when going to bed at 10:30 is totally acceptable because you are tired from the hard wod or 20K you ran in the morning before the wedding!

Look around you, who is in your social network? Are they building you up or holding you back?

The latest podcast on Robin Sharma mastery session on how to pick your social network is a good listen. Take a small inventory of your circle, have an openhearted talk with your loved ones and make sure you have cheerleaders on your side.


Annie 🙂